Upcoming Classes and Events

Please visit the classes main page for full details on each class.  The information below will include dates, locations, and how to register.  

  1. Tucson, AZ
    Two new classes. On the 13th, learn to carve "Leaves and Swirls". As a bonus, you'll learn how to lay out spirals for your future gourd designs. On the 14th, try out the new "Contemporary Bird" class. Classes will run from 9-4 at my home in Tucson. ($65 each class) Contact me directly at [email protected] for info or to register. NOTE: I understand that it can be hot that time of year. Our class location is shaded and I have fans and a portable swamp cooler, which should help.
    September 13 - 14
  1. Georgia Gourd Festival
    Class: Classes include Spiral Carving, Filigree, Fancy Filigree and Basic Power Carving. *Post festival classes: Woven Filigree and Power Carving/Filigree. Contact the Georgia Gourd Society - classes are posted on their website. Check their website at http://www.georgiagourdsociety.com/index.html or email [email protected]
    Sept 27 - 29
  1. Portland, OR Area
    Classes: Doodles and Glass and Leather Tooled Gourd. Conact Joan Arens for information or to enroll. Contact address: [email protected]
    October 5-6
  1. Prescott Gourd Retreat
    Class: Three day workshop. Classes include Leaves and Swirls and Contemporary Bird Contact Diana Howey at [email protected] for registration info. Currently the classes are full.
    October 24 - 26
  1. San Jose, CA area
    Classes: Carving with Cutouts/ Hummingbirds, and Fancy Filigree. Contact Jodi Dingivan for more information. Contact info: [email protected]
    November 9-10
Are you or your group interested in having me come to your location for gourd workshops?   Please contact me so that we can discuss making it happen!  Keep in mind that you will need to secure a location in your area where we may hold the classes. It can be any place protected from the weather - a large garage, a meeting room, a patio with tents or a vacant storefront.   I hope to get to some new locations in the upcoming year.