Upcoming Classes and Events

Please visit the classes main page for full details on each class.  The information below will include dates, locations, and how to register.  

  1. Georgia Gourd Workshop - Griffin, GA
    Classes: Basic Power Carving, Fancy Filigree, 3-D Feather Carving, Doodles and Glass. Please contact Holly Gallagher for registration info and class details. [email protected]
    March 12-15
  1. Page, AZ
    Classes: Spiral Carving, Pueblo Ladies, Fancy Filigree. Contact Gail Unger at [email protected] for information or to register. This is an amazing area to visit - if you come for the classes, leave plenty of time for sightseeing! Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, etc.
    April 30 -May 2
  1. Sacramento CA
    2 Events - Pre Show classes: Wednesday - Ravens and Canyons, Thursday - Filigree Carving. Capitol Woodcarvers and Gourd Show. Friday - Basic Power Carving, Saturday - Contemporary Bird Carving, Sunday - Native Treasures For Registration - contact Barbara Rippetoe at [email protected]
    May 13-17 2020
  1. Westminster, CA
    May 20, Pueblo Ladies. May 21st, Leaves and Swirls. May 22nd - Carving with Cutouts, Sea Life Theme. $75 per class or all three days for $200. For registration and info, please contact Debbie Zimmerman at [email protected]
    May 20 - 22nd 2020
  1. San Diego, CA
    Classes: Ocean Drum and Fancy Filigree Currently only open to patch members. Open registration (if space is available) will start in April. FF - $75, Ocean Drum, $90
    May 25-26 2020
  1. Idaho
    Classes: Fancy Filigree, Carving with Cutouts: Hummingbirds
    July 24-26 2020
  1. Prescott, AZ
    Classes and information on registration will be available after the Wuertz Gourd Festival
    Oct 22-24 2020
Are you or your group interested in having me come to your location for gourd workshops?   Please contact me so that we can discuss making it happen!  Keep in mind that you will need to secure a location in your area where we may hold the classes. It can be any place protected from the weather - a large garage, a meeting room, a patio with tents or a vacant storefront.   I hope to get to some new locations in the upcoming year.